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PLAYY® is an innovation lab that thrives at the intersection of design, data, and technology. Born of restless energy and deep-rooted future philosophy, We are evolving our next story in digital communication and technology. Inspired by instinct, driven by data and enhanced by design. We have partnered with Mitsubishi Electric, Nissan, Siemens, Renault, Hyundai, Yamaha, Samsung, Adidas, Bajaj UBS bank and Skoda to create the future of their communication landscapes over the past 20 years in the industry of creation. We have initiated our young Digital Innovation Lab to build experiences with accessible technology with the aim of how easy can easy be. Our focus is to transform brands with branded commerce and digital experiences. We love our craft, have a deep passion for evolution.

We exist to solve business challenges.

2018 -

Creative Lab Snapshot

  • People

    We're a world-class team of diverse individuals who are here to do great work as well as be great to work with. Explore our culture manual.

  • Offices

    Mumbai and Pune. Feel free to reach out and say hello :)

  • Years

    While we’re proud of our history and our creations we’re loyal to our future and not our past.

  • services

    Video knowledge Hub. Business Experience Strategy. Digital Experience. Content. Technology. We’re uniquely built to help business create cultural value.



  • Structured Content Hub

    Business Stories

    Art + Design

    Copy writing

    3D / Motion Graphics

    Product Visualization

    Content Hub Audit

  • Strategic Planning

    Customer Experience

    Employee Experience

    Consumer Insights + Trends

    Product + Service Vision

    Data Science + Analytics

    Omnichannel + D2C

  • User Experience

    Experience Strategy

    eCommerce + Websites

    Digital Product + Services

    Design Systems + Style Guides

    iOS + Android Applications

    Prototyping & Optimization

  • Brand Experience

    Identity + Positioning

    Visual Language + Art Direction

    Design Production + Execution

    Brand Messaging

    Brand Guidelines + Playbooks

    Campaign Development

  • Technology

    Technical Discovery

    Technical Architecture

    Full-Stack Development

    CMS Implementation

    Quality Assurance

    interactive Prototyping


Team & Leadership

We’re 24+ individuals from across the world driven by bold ideas and diverse perspectives. Craft, service, and efficiency drive us forward, and we see our innovation lab as a place for our shared values to collide.