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wired magazine case study
Wired Magazine

Wired — A leading journal of Condé Nast in the vertical of technology.

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  • Experience Strategy

Reading is on the decline as audiences rely on social media to consume information. Scoop whoop and buzz feed are being consumed daily. And are the go-to resources for information/ news.

What does this mean for Wired: people are not reading and therefore subscriptions for print-based journals have dropped.


Being a leading technology journal wired can create video content that translates articles into videos that can generate interest amongst its target and then use this as a lead towards written content to enhance engagement and readership.
The video we created defined the purpose of wired and reinstated the proposition—the first to unveil the content strategy of video engagement.

We’d like to thank PLAYY’s best-in-class team for helping us bring our vision of a beautifully crafted and user-friendly platform to life. As an innovation lab in digital transformation, PLAYY® successfully supported our goal of connecting brand expression with overall functionality. We are beyond pleased with the final result.● Sagar Rege
Chief Executive Officer, Liwa


  • Increase in Online Revenue


  • Users
  • Sales lift vs. non-participants
  • Average session duration
    25 + MINS
  • Repeat visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Global markets

Experience Strategy

Technology content can get stale, so our experience encourages exploration, curiosity, and engagement through inspiring content. With a keen focus on inclusion, we also ensured the content’s accessibility by catering to varying levels of expertise.

Brand Expression

A confident and playful visual language.

Drawing inspiration from Wired's mission of technology, we created a graphic language with rich illustrations, distortions, bold colours, patterns, and an ownable art direction.

Each element of the design represented both the science behind the brand and its perception among users.

excites and entertains
  1. Platform content should be easy to maintain and create.

    A learning management system with custom components to enable efficient editing workflows.

  2. The Wired brand must engage sales associates.

    A responsive front end that makes the experience faster and more kinetic through key interactions, smart UI, and fluid motion.

  3. Video content requires a degree of empowerment and achievement.

    Each module in the design is assigned a weight. When a section is completed, a custom algorithm determines how many points should be added to the user’s wired IQ based on the weight of the content and the user’s course history.

  4. The technical infrastructure is needed to support scale.

    The platform is built inside a managed hosting environment, so technical infrastructure scales with the needs of the content and remains stable during critical launches.

Wired upholds trust in technology
Wired  Tech lifestyle

Training and communication Technology across the globe.

Within the experience, users have the ability to track, manage, and explore content. We gamified the experience by implementing the awards system, allowing them to earn points through chapter cards, course objectives, and lessons. These IQ points allow associates to unlock exclusive products certifications and other perks.

Pow Wow icons
Custom icon library

We designed a flexible library of 39 icons to use across communications. These icons were provided in both filled and outlined formats.

Leverage good
Typography styling and special effects.

A large part of the visual system was based on distortion and text effects to let the brand’s personality shine. To form these stylistic distortions, we created a series of actions and tools that the client team could have easily used to execute without any design experience.

new lingo
Branded textures and patterns.

To help bring character and depth to layouts, we created a series of branded textures and patterns to be used as background elements and signifiers across other touchpoints.

Building an inherently responsive framework.

While a majority of the audience is made up of desktop-based users, we built the site to adapt across form factors. Our system is highly flexible and leverages animation to deliver personality as well as expertise across the site.

  • focus talent team
    Player experience first - challenging the conventions and take play seriously
  • Gaming globally
  • player focused