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Mitsubishi Electric Smart city
Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric approached us To amplify the brand’s ethos of ‘Partnering India’s Dream to be No.1

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For the past 100 years, Mitsubishi Electric has been moving the world toward the future, to amplify the brand’s ethos of ‘Partnering India’s Dream to be No.1’, they approached us to develop a campaign that showcases their innovative range of products, and the role they play in empowering the human stories that truly power the progress of this country.


Starting almost from scratch, we created the ecosystem for a campaign of seven inspiring individual stories, that jigsaw into a larger picture of national consciousness. We partnered with our client closely to represent complex specifications of Mitsubishi Electric tech, spanning all 6 of their electric tech verticals, and marrying it with equally intricate production pipelines to make the campaign come together seamlessly. We enhanced the communication design strategy through a strong story line. The process involved end to end production design, including direction, music artist collaborations, over 6 minutes CGI, shooting in 50 locations pan India.


Empowered by tech

As we collaborated, we found the core values of Mitsubishi Electric to be surprisingly human for a technology giant. Verticals like Semiconductors, transportation systems, industrial systems and factory automation were fields in which the company was creating path-breaking innovations, but was extremely technical in nature. Which was why we conceptualised personal, individual stories to make them more relatable to the everyday consumer. Every one of the seven stories had an arc of vision, challenge, hard work and a victory of the human spirit, made possible by the technology that they rely on every day. The message was to Indian’s everywhere, from varied backgrounds - that their restless ambition to be better, will be the driving force that pushes India to be the best.

  1. Technically accurate 3d components

    We partnered with our client closely to represent complex specifications of Mitsubishi Electric tech, spanning all 6 of their electric tech verticals.

  2. Over 7 minutes of Computer Graphic Imagery

    We developed a multi-stage pipeline from conceptualizing to delivery. We optimized rendering large scale complex 3dmodels of the city and its micro components.

  3. Production Design

    Many elements must blend together seamlessly to create an effective narrative production design. One of the most challenging aspects of carrying that design through to completion relates to components executed after wrap of principal photography - namely visual effects shots. Conversely, it would be impossible to achieve the moments of epic scale and therefore epic detail that this campaign relied on. The conceptual approach to the world their story is going to inhabit. Eight weeks of immersive research and development time.

  4. Six stories

    seamlessly integration of all stories into a brand campaign, showcasing six verticals of Mitsubishi Electric.

Render Time

  • Hours


  • Locations
    50 India
  • Schedule
    52 Days
  • Team
    300+ Crew
  • flights
  • Shoot Hours


One of the most challenging and crucial parts of this production was creating the music. The hauntingly beautiful voice of Jyoti Nooran, and the powerful, hypnotic thrum of Mohan Kanan’s vocals come together through the expertise of Music direction by Raghav & Arjun. The most challenging task of our artists was to create a piece that was poetic, yet flexible enough to embody the spirit of all seven stories that span the length and breadth of India, so as to give the campaign one umbilical soundtrack.

The lyrics speak to the generation of New India lying in silent wait, urging them to rise up like a storm and unleash their potential and lead the world. So, whether it was talking to an driven young woman in a small dusty town, keen on making her way up, or whether it spoke to an Ivy League college grad who was determined to earn her father’s respect in an urban high-rise, the craft of the music was designed to transcend the socio-economic walls and tap into the truly human element - the spirit.

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The campaign resonates with the brand’s strength of being a premium-quality electric and electronic equipment company● Katsunori Ushiku,
Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric India